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Sophie Newman - Marketing Strategist + Consultant

Being Bold Bootcamp

growing your business can be hard - but you can make it easier

Being Bold Bootcamp is a 4-week course guiding you through uncovering, planning, and slaying your goals to turn your business vision into reality.


A Gator in Texas

I help entrepreneurs who want a presence that resonates by building their brand and developing marketing strategies.

My own journey as a marketer means I always enjoyed asking questions, understanding motivations, and persuading others (even if it was just to make pancakes for breakfast).

But then I realized I wanted to do more than understand problems. I wanted to solve them for businesses. I didn't want to just be a "cog in the machine," I wanted to be my own Buffy (or Leslie Knope depending on the day) by helping myself and others stay true to their purpose. To build genuine connections, I combined my love of storytelling and problem solving.

I help my clients define their quirks, tell their story, and create strategies that work for them. Because every entrepreneur should have a presence that conveys their spirit and connects to the people that identify with them.

Every story should be bold. It's how we show who we really are and embrace ourselves, quirks and all.

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